Chapter Activities


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News from the Eastern Cape Chapter Chairperson, Dr Tulsi Morar

A highly successful Colloquium was held on Saturday 8 October 2016 at Rhodes University Education Department

See here for interesting report back on what took place with some notes on the presentations 


News from North West Chapter Chairperson, Mr Ntory Swaralhe

A seminar was held on 3-4 October 2016 at Sol Plaatje Primary, Mafikeng. The venue changed from the NWU Mafikeng Campus at the last moment, due to student unrest. It was hosted by SAARMSTE/NW in conjunction with The Department of Basic Education. The Department of Education sponsored 200 delegates. Sponsorship was also obtained from publishing companies. The seminar was aimed at the Senior Phase (Grades 7-9) and shared GET learner attainment strategy, curriculum implementation challenges, and the impact of MST and EMS strategy and related implementation plans. It aimed to build capacity to teachers in terms of pedagogical content knowledge and to strengthen support of underperforming schools as identified by the North West Department of Education. Speakers and facilitators were from the Department of Education and North West University. Macmillan science and technology kits were presented to the participants. The guest speaker was Dr Ken Ngcoza, a Chapter Representative on SAARMSTE Exco. He gave keynote addresses on both days of the seminar, assisted with the elections at the AGM, and participated in the breakaway groups.

The SAARMSTE/NW Chapter AGM was held during the seminar and was well attended. Mr Ntory Swaratlhe was re-elected chairperson, and the committee was elected to serve for another year.


News from Zimbabwe Chapter Chairperson:  Dr Maroni  R. Nyikahadzoyi

The Zimbabwe SAARMSTE Chapter held one event in 2016. This was the Chapter’s Annual Seminar which is held every year around the end of June. This year’s annual seminar was held from 30th June to 4th July 2016 at Gweru Baptist Centre, near the city of Gweru in Zimbabwe. The theme for this seminar was Researching for higher degrees and academic writing for publication”. This year’s seminar was unique in that it included a writing workshop. We invited three plenary presenters for the seminar, and one of them was Prof Fred Lubben who facilitated the writing workshop for the participants.

On the first day the plenary presenter was Dr Washington Dudu from North West University in South Africa, who presented on ‘Theoretical, Conceptual and Analytical Frameworks’. The presentation was a lecture in honour of the late Tendai T Mukono who was a dedicated and long-time member of SAARMSTE and the Zimbabwe Chapter. The presentation was well-received and was very illuminating especially to the participants who were engaged in PhD studies. The rest of the morning was reserved for short presentations by participants, most of whom presented on their PhD work which was in progress. Useful feedback was given to the presenters by the various experts who were present.

In the afternoon of Day 1 we had a second plenary presentation by Prof Fred Lubben on Developing a theoretical framework and methodological design considerations in a doctoral research project’. This was also an illuminating presentation for most of the participants, who benefited by asking and getting useful clarifications on issues that were not clear to them with respect to the methodological aspects of their PhD work. The day ended with an Executive Members’ meeting.

Day 2 began with a plenary presentation by Dr Million Chauraya from Midlands State University in Zimbabwe who presented on ‘From Research Findings to Conclusions’. The presentation was a lecture in honour of the late Prof Lovemore J Nyaumwe who was a well-known and committed member of SAARMSTE and the Zimbabwe SAARMSTE Chapter. The presentation was also well-received and the follow-up discussions on the topic resulted in a number of issues being clarified, especially for the participants who were at the data analysis stage in their PhD studies. The rest of the morning was spent on ‘Small group clinics and working tea’ during which groups were formed according to research areas of interest and/or stages of PhD studies. At least two experts worked with each group. Then we had our Annual General Meeting before lunch.

The afternoon of Day 2 and the whole of Day 3 were reserved for Prof Lubben’s writing clinic. This was a successful and practical clinic in which the participants were exposed to different writing styles, and the requirements of particular journals. Participants worked on drafts of their papers which were looked at by Fred and useful feedback was provided.

The Chapter is particularly grateful to Prof Fred Lubben who accepted our invitation and had a very successful writing workshop with the participants. We also would like to express our gratitude to SAARMSTE for assisting us financially by funding Fred’s airfares to and from Zimbabwe.