The aim of SAARMSTE is to advance research in mathematics, science and technology education (hereinafter "MSTE") in Southern Africa by:

  • fostering a sense of community among researchers in MSTE;
  • promoting research to improve and develop MSTE programmes in response to current and future needs;
  • seeking representation in relevant MSTE policy-making bodies;
  • organising conferences at which the results of MSTE research can be presented;
  • assisting in the development of research skills of people interested in entering the MSTE field, and developing further expertise in that field by means of organizing workshops, short courses and exchange visits;
  • liaising with other MSTE bodies;
  • providing avenues for local publication of the findings of research in MSTE;
  • making research in MSTE available and accessible to policy makers and practitioners;
  • building an open forum for debate encompassing different MSTE research paradigms;
  • encouraging discussion and research around key issues in MSTE;
  • other means as the members in general meeting may determine.


In addition, SAARMSTE:

  • publishes the African Journal for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • has regional and international membership
  • organises annual conferences
  • interacts with policy makers in MSTE in the region. Any person with an interest in research in MSTE in the southern African region should belong to this dynamic association.
  • conducts research capacity building events across the region, including the annual Research School