Conference Info


Announcing the 28th Conference of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

Hosted by Rhodes University in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University

Venue: Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Date of Conference:  Tuesday 14 to and including Thursday 16 January 2020

Followed by a Conference Writing Clinic: Dates to be confirmed


2020 Conference Theme:

Fostering Delight in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education


1st Announcement and Call for Papers can be found HERE.  This includes information on

  • Names and members of the LOC for 2020
  • Motivation for Conference Theme
  • Programme presentations including Plenay Sessions, and Peer reviewed paper presentations
  • Important dates and deadlines


Post Conference Writing Clinic

The purpose of the Writing Clinic is to develop one's own personal paper, not to collect tips for authors.

Applications - only once paper submissions have been accepted and authors notified accordingly.


Objectives of the Saarmste Conference

Among the aims of SAARMSTE, according to its consitution are:

  • To foster a sense of community among researchers in MSTE
  • To promote research to improve and develop MSTE programmes in response to current and future needs
  • To organise annual conferences at which the results of MSTE research should be presented



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Conference News

Watch this space for:

Plenary Speakers

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Conference 2019 Documents

The following 2019 documents may be downloaded for the period 21st February to 30th April 2019, after which these and previous books of Proceedings and of Abstracts are available to SAARMSTE members under Archives.   Kindly note these are large files and therefore take some time to download. They are:

2019 Book of Proceedings (Long Papers)

2019 Book of Long Paper Abstracts, Symposia, Short Papers, Snapshots and Poster / Papers

2019 Conference Programme