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News from the Eastern Cape Chapter - Events for 2018

Activity 1:  Colloquium 1 - Rhodes University Education Department hosted this year’s first Colloquium, on Saturday 26 May 2018. Under the theme “marrying research and development”, a collective of brilliant scholars presented their work in front of their colleagues and supervisors.

This first plenary session serves as a mini-conference for scholars to gain presenting practice, as they prepare for the major 27th SAARMSTE conference – scheduled to take place in Durban, at Elangeni Hotel, from 15-18 January 2019.

SAARMSTE President Professor Ken Ngcoza and EC Chapter Chairperson Dr Tulsi Morar kicked proceedings off with a warm welcome to all participants.They also gave a brief description of the purpose of the meeting: setting the scene for presenters to take the academic stage. See the attached Newsletteer here (16MB) which provides some interesting and informative reading



Activity 2: PhD and post-doctoral scholars to attend the Research School. Venue: Stellenbosch: 21-23 June 2018

Activity 3: Writing Clinic Workshop. Venue: NMMU: 25-26 June 2018

Activity 4: Colloquium 2 - Confirmed date: Saturday 29 September 2018. Venue Rhodes University. Guest speaker: Dr Lyn Webb, SAARMSTE Past President.  Title of presentation: “ Can you say it again please? I don’t understand”: Experiences in diversity

Activity 5: Reviewing of abstracts / long papers in preparation for the SAARMSTE Conference to be held in January 2019, Kwa-Zulu Natal




Fostering a sense of community among researchers in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Namibia

Colloquium 1 held August 31, 2018

National Institute of Educational Development (NIED), Okahandja Namibia

The Namibian Chapter hosted a SAARMTE Colloquium on August 31, 2018 at the Namibian Institute of Educational Development (NIED) under the theme ‘Fostering a sense of community among researchers in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Namibia.
The colloquium was attended by a total of 24 participants among them Professor Ken Ngcoza, the SAARMSTE President; Professor Marc Schäfer, past SAARMSTE President and Zuki Khulane, SAARMSTE PhD Students’ representative. A total of four students; two mathematics and two science students presented their work at the colloquium. 

Professor Ken Ngcoza opened the colloquium with a warm welcome to all the participants. He especially thanked the presenters for volunteering to present their work and encouraged that it is through such presentations that one gets to learn more about their research. He further emphasised that the more the students present their work, the more they get feedback and the more they improve the quality of their research projects through sharing with other people so that they can learn from one another. If one has listened to Prof Ngcoza a couple of times then one would know that his favourite proverb is “if you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want walk far let’s walk together”. With this, he motivated the participants to work together to build each other up. He further stressed that it was useless for us to get these opportunities and reach at the top while leaving others at the bottom. We thus need to pull one another up as much as we can so that we can build Africa, of which SAARMSTE is a part.              
He concluded by highlighting the purpose of SAARMSTE as an association as well as of this colloquium. SAARMSTE is about marrying research and development and bringing about qualitative change in our country. The purpose of this colloquium was to resuscitate the Namibian Chapter as well as to foster a sense of community among researchers in Namibia. We therefore need to work together to uplift STEM/STEAM (acknowledging the use of Arts to teach mathematics, Science and Technology) in our country and beyond. This resuscitation will forever be remembered as this happened when SAARMSTE was 25 years old.

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News from North West Chapter Chairperson:

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